For the time being, our cafe is to-go orders and outdoor seating only. The primary form of ordering is online, though you may place orders at the greenhouse register if need be. Drink orders will be placed on the yellow tables on the back porch of the cafe, and you will be digitally notified when they are ready. Please call us at 314.764.2140 if you need physical assistance retrieving your beverage.

Hours of operation: 8AM - 5PM, daily.


Orders take roughly 15 minutes to prepare, to ensure quality and temperature. We recommend placing the order as you're heading here or upon your arrival to reduce wait time. For your convenience, the order confirmation will tell you your automated pick up time, and notify you when drinks are ready! 


At Maypop, we feature specialty coffee drinks that focus both on flavor & experience. We select our coffee keeping in mind the farmer who grows it and the guest that drinks it. We also offer a delightful tea and bottled drink selection. Because our ethics influence every aspect of the shop, we are committed to reducing waste in the cafe and sourcing environmentally responsible coffee.

We brew espresso drinks, drip coffee, & cold brew with beans from Blueprint Coffee. Teas range from caffeinated to herbal, and are sourced from Big Heart Tea Company. Bottled beverages include juice, natural sodas, sparkling water, and more.


Our cafe offers a limited selection of pastries and snacking options from Whisk: A Sustainable Bake Shop. We seek to provide delicious choices that are frequently vegan &/or gluten free, so that everyone is able to enjoy the healthy goodness.​ We carry local products whenever possible, so that we can help support the talented entrepreneurs and artisans in our region.